My Best Android Keyboard App, Facemoji Android Keyboard App

I will like to make a review of my best Android app, which I think you would like to have. Facemoji is the best Android keyboard app I want.

I have been using Facemoji for more than two years, and I like it so much, I can recommend it to everyone.
There was a time I was searching on Playstore for Android keyboard app, but I came across a lot of Android keyboard app, but I don’t like anyone until I found the Facemoji Android keyboard app.

I’ll list out the features that make me like the Facemoji Android keyboard app, and I will like you to have it on your phone.

6 Features That Make Me Like Facemoji Android Keyboard App

  • Next-words Suggestions 

This feature suggests the previous words you’ve typed before. It reduces your stress in typing. For example, let’s say you type “Oluwanishola,” which can’t be suggested because the word is not in a dictionary. Facemoji will suggest the word for you because you’ve typed it before.

  • Voice Typing

With Facemoji, you can type using your voice. This reduces your stress when you are the type of person that type every day. You can use voice typing to type instead of using your hand to type. This features may not work on some Android phone.

  • Cool Fonts

 Facemoji is capable of styling your texts while typing. This is a cool fonts feature I have been using at times. Even my friends do ask, how do you change your fonts style or how do you stylish your texts. This is easy to do on facemoji.

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  • Themes 

Everyone likes beautiful things. You can customize the theme on Facemoji to your liken. It’s possible to use your image for your customize theme on Facemoji. There are some beautiful themes I have created on Facemoji with my picture. Facemoji has some readymade themes for your keyboard. This makes your keyboard looks nicer. Facemoji has hundreds of keyboard themes for your phone, but you can download it online through the Facemoji Android app.

  • GIF 

There are hundreds of Gif available on the Facemoji Android keyboard. There are some sets of Gif on Facemoji with their reactions like Halloween, Oops, You’re Welcome, Lazy, Stressed, Clapping, Awesome, Good luck, High Five, Nervous, Duh, Aww, Scared, Bored, Happy, Love, Confused and many more Gif section.

  • Languages

Facemoji as made it available for you with hundreds of languages. There are popular languages available in Facemoji like English (US) or (UK), Chinese, Afrikaans, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more.

Where To Download Facemoji?

If you like the features above, kindly download the Facemoji Android keyboard app here.
For the iOS app, download it here

How good is your Android keyboard app? Is it better than Facemoji? Let us know through the comment below.
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